A pre Viking tunic is found in a Norwegian glacier


March 22, 2013

A wool tunic pre Viking was found next to a melting glacier in southern Norway, and it shows how global warming is becoming a boon for archeology.

Piloe Lars, a Danish archaeologist working on Norwegian glaciers explained that: “The loose gray-brown garment suitable for a person of 1.76 meters was found at 2,000 meters above sea level in what could have been a trade route from the Roman period in southern Norway. Radiocarbon dating showed that was built around 300 AD.”

“It’s a shame that the glaciers are thawing, but is exciting for archaeologists.”

“A glove and a stick ornamented Vikings 800 AD, a leather shoe from the Bronze Age and ancient bows and arrowheads used for hunting reindeer are also among the 1,600 pieces found in the mountains of southern Norway since the thaw will accelerate in 2006. This is just the beginning.”

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