The “ghost” that scares the theater of “La Mole” Moli in Villa Carlos Paz

Argentina, February 15, 2013

The members of the cast of the comedy “Zoñando por Triunfar’, led by the Boxer Fabio “La Mole” Moli, expressed concern about the rides of an alleged ‘ghost’ that appears in the Coral Theatre, in the City of Villa Carlos Paz.

The actors agree that the ‘ghost’, belongs to the late actor, Osvaldo Pacheco.

A rumor grew in the final days until the cameras could capture it. The ghost haunts the theater where, since January, presents the comedy that has in its cast “La Mole” Moli, Osmar “Cau” Bornes, Emiliano Boscatto, Pamela Pombo, Daniela Tambasco and Florencia Maggi.

The Brazilian Cau Bornes, husband of singer Valeria Lynch, said: “I was told 28 years ago that an actor named Osvaldo Pacheco died here, so I went on the Internet to check him and the figure I saw was really like”.

The spectrum has all actors concerned since it appears anywhere but there is a place where he always goes: his former dressing room, now occupied by “La Mole” Moli.

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