Cristina Kirchner supported Sabatella as president of the AFSCA

Photo: Archive

Argentina, February 5, 2013

The President Cristina Kirchner rejected the challenge presented by Clarín Group against Martín Sabatella and backed the former mayor of Moron as president of the Federal Authority of Audiovisual Communication Services.

The Group had denounced the AFSCA president based on a criminal complaint against him on charges of “inciting communal violence and coercion” and a “marked enmity” with the business group.

By Gazette, Cristina Kirchner, signed by the Chief of Staff Juan Manuel Abal Medina, issued a decree rejecting the allegations made by the Group. In the argument, she stated that “the criminal complaint was filed after the request for recusal, making it invalid.”

As for the “enmity”, the president said that the “expressions (of Sabbatella) do not prove the enmity, as his statements have been made in full exercise of his duty as public official.”

This is the first time that Cristina Kirchner publicly supports Martín Sabatella, after the scandalous 7-D (December 7), day in which it was assumed that the Law on Audiovisual Communication Services would come into full force and finally went unnoticed.

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