The CGT of Moyano warns: “Our responsibility is to fight to ensure that wages are not further eroded”

February 3, 2013

The CGT of Hugo Moyano remarked today that its “responsibility” is “fighting to ensure that wages are not further eroded” and warned the government that is “the backbone of Peronism”.

“The truth is one … it is increasingly difficult to reach the end of the month with these salaries,” said the central union opposition in a document, adding that the agenda of priorities by the CGT, which is claimed since two years ago to the national government remains “unanswered”.

And it pointed to changes in the tax on wages, universal family allowances, reimbursement of funds for Social Work, joint without limits, temporary work and “dignified retirement.”

“The lack of answer to these demands with inflation is the basis of the growing pains that come deteriorating purchasing power and quality of the collective health of workers”.

“But we cannot reduce everything to economic reasons without notice the political reasons. The refusal to dialogue by the Executive has prevented reaching feasible solutions and we know that if not addressed in a timely manner it will affect the lives of millions,” Moyano said.

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