Paraguay: The presidential candidate Lino Oviedo dies in helicopter crash

February 3, 2013

Paraguayan Candidate for president Lino Cesar Oviedo died overnight Saturday in a helicopter crash. Also his bodyguard and pilot were killed.

The accident occurred after 22:00 on Saturday, in the Puerto Antequera, Presidente Hayes, Paraguayan Chaco.

The former senator Victor Galeano Perrone said, “Lino Cesar Oviedo was in Concepción for a political meeting, after which he departed from that city due to Assumption”.

He also said, “The custodian and the pilot also died in the crash, which was initially believed to have occurred because of the inclement weather, there were no survivors in the crash.”

The aircraft had to reach the capital around 11 pm. But the flight was reported missing. Finally, this morning the helicopter was found.

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