Boudou: “This government will not allow vulture funds suck the resources of the people”

February 3, 2013

Vice President Amado Boudou in General Roca said, “Argentina has a government that defends the interests of the people”, against the “vulture funds that attempts always looking to suck the resources of the people.”

“Vulture funds always try to get into all the places they can go cornering countries,” said Boudou in relation to the vote of no confidence that the IMF took on Friday against the country.

He added, “The news is that since 2003 in Argentina there is a government that looks the needs of the people and not the decisions imposing by IMF.”

“It was different when someone sneezed in Mexico, with Tequila, and here we lost jobs. Or with the frigate Libertad, when here there were some sectors and the press wanted us to pay to vulture funds,” he said.

In this regard he stressed that the national government “decided to stay on track and finish getting justice. We received the frigate on January 9 in Mar del Plata without loosing our positions.”

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