“Ciccio” the dog who goes to church every day to find his owner, who died two months ago (see photos)

January 17, 2013

The story of “Ciccio” already travels the world, since his owner died two months ago, the 12-year German Shepherd every day visit the church of Maria Assunta in San Donaci, Italy, where his owner took him at daily mass.

Two months ago he attended the funeral of Maria Corredera, 57, the woman who cared and who devoted a lifetime to stray dogs.

According to data published by the newspaper Il Messaggero, the dog will not let even one day go to church since his owner died, “just listen to the bells or go get the hearse, the dog enters the church and continues to coffin as if the owner could raise,” a witness said.

“Ciccio” seems to await the return of MarĂ­a, who picked him up from the street and adopted.

“Now he was alone, but all the people protect, nourishes and cherishes him as an emblem of fidelity,” said a witness who also attends the church.

Ciccio story reminds the famous film starring Richard Gere, Hachiko, a dog and its owner, a bond that does not break even after death.

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