The government says that the plane in which the President travels costs nearly 1 million pesos, not dollars

January 14, 2013

The President’s Office issued a statement, which clarifies some points for the aircraft, used by government officials and in particular the jet rented for the president’s trip to UAE and Asia.

“The rent of the Falcon 900, was done through competitive bidding and by the amount of 9,829,821 pesos, not dollars. That is, they had this information and misrepresented,” says the text signed by Oscar Parrilli in reference to a series of articles published by La Nacion and Clarin that talked about 1 million dollars.

And the statement gives another set of points where supposedly negates those two newspapers mentioned:

“-They use arguments of private companies, to lie. The Falcon was rented for three months for domestic and regional flights. For its part, the Global is used for international flights. Circumstances that could not be compared.

-With respect to the aircraft fleet, all with more than twenty years old (the Tango 01) and in some cases more than forty years (The Focker). The same applies to the fleet of helicopters, which carry more than 15 years of service. By the age of it is normal for these machines need for increased inspections and careful maintenance to be enabled for use.

- In regard to the Tango 10 (Lear Jet), the maintenance and operation depends on the Air Force and not the Presidency, and it’s a lie that it is used exclusively by the President’s Office. Their services are affected as the rest of the National Executive, as well as to the authorities of the Armed Forces.”

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