Public Transport: Randazzo promised a “revolution” that will begin to notice in 60 days

Buenos Aires, January 14, 2013

Interior Minister and Transportt Florencio Randazzo said there will be a “revolution” in the service of public transport and it will begin to show up in 60 days.

“I can assure you, when all this is working, you will notice a revolution in transport and it will be noticed with in 60 days,” the official said.

“We are completing the road work in the Sarmiento. From Moreno to Once, we will have completely new way. We are improving the 50 percent of the training and, during the year, we will continue with the rest. That will be supplemented by the purchase of new cars that will double the capacity of transport” Randazzo promised.

He added: “In addition, we are intervening and highlighting the seasons. We will install a 42-inch digital signs that will let you know when the train will arrive.”

“We put the Gendarmerie in the Mitre and Sarmiento. Moreover, we do 61 low-level in a year, which will allow it to increase frequencies and will help reduce accidents,” he said.

Randazzo revealed that he “would be the man who solved the historical problems of transporting Argentina”, a challenge that raised Cristina.

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