Buenos Aires Subway head: “For now there will not be different rates at rush hour”

January 14, 2013

Buenos Aires Subway head Juan Pablo Piccardo said “for now we will not implement a differentiated tariff during rush hour in the subway service,” but acknowledged that “we analyze various options.”

Piccardo stressed that “in relation to the rate increase, the only concrete is called a public hearing to try to bring the ticket price to 3.50 pesos, which try to reflect inflation in 2012.”

He also assured that “it will keep all the special rates for students, retirees and the disabled, and the intent of the City is to provide quality service and safe.”

The official Buenos Aires, on the radio also referred to the interruption of the line A which became effective on Saturday, until March, to change and modernize the training, and in that sense, reiterated that it was necessary because it could not guarantee the safety cars for over 100 years.

He stated that “it is not necessary to put special buses to replace that line while the work”.

“The assessment is that we did as it is low season in the subway, the fall of users is less than 25 percent. Moreover line A has two parallel lines, such as B, in which many cars put more than usual. The same was done with the line E. The 50 percent of the passengers could replace them with the same subway”.

On the continuity of MetrovĂ­as contract, Piccardo said: “the company will accept the new terms” and did not rule out that “in case of a refusal, the service can estatizarse”.

“If MetrovĂ­as not accept these conditions, the City has two choices: find another operator, to be with prestige and ability, or nationalize the service.

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