Cristina on the hotel she is staying: “Another Clarín lie”

January 13, 2013

President Cristina Kirchner responded to an article in the newspaper Clarín about the hotel where she is staying, which is one of the most luxurious in the world.

The president said that the Argentine government does not pay this stay but an invitation from the United Arab Emirates, which pays 100 per cent of the costs.

“Again with the hotels where we stayed when we travel on behalf of Argentina”, the president wrote in her Twitter account.

“I invite you to read the statement of General Secretariat of the Presidency on the hotel in the UAE,” Cristina added.

The statement says, “As is customary in international diplomacy, the host country bears the cost of hosting of the guests.”

“Therefore, the Federal Government does not incur any expense, as attempts to make clear the false note of the newspaper,” the official text said.

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