Barrionuevo, “Scioli has rubber panties and fear of the President”

January 13, 2013
The head of the CGT Blue and White, the gastronomic Luis Barrionuevo, blasted the governor of the Buenos Aires province Daniel Scioli.

“Scioli has rubber panties and afraid of the president because he cannot give an order,” the unionist said after the governor does not approve the opening of Hotel Sasso of Mar del Plata, owned gourmet guild.

Barrionuevo said the order was from the president and the Scioli complied.

The union also criticized the government of Cristina. “It is corrupt where you look, it’s everywhere in corruption,” he said.

“The corruption that this government has no comparison in history, is tremendous,” he added.

And blamed La Campora by looting. “We were blamed for making the mobilization, but they did it without any information or certainty, but we have information arise courts where all groups responding to the government, as La Campora, are those involved in the looting”.

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