The city government and teachers agree staggered wage increase

January 11, 2013

Buenos Aires Education Minister, Esteban Bullrich, and representatives of the 17 City teachers unions, began joint negotiations Thursday, in which they agreed that the increase will be added to base salary and will be phased, and while they didn’t talk about percentages from unions estimate a rise of nearly 30 per cent.

Both sides described as “satisfactory” this first joint of 2013, ad they also talked about the need of calling more personal and keep classes with no more than 25 students.

After the meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the education portfolio in Paseo Colón 200, Bullrich said “it was a fruitful and successful meeting,” adding that “we mark the need to reflect inflation but reflect gradually over the year, in stages. “

“We have attended specific demands of some unions that are to be taken into account. I am optimistic that we will reach an agreement, so we have made the decision to start the discussion early,” he said, as the school year begins on February 27.

He clarified that “some unions asked us not to discuss rates until they come together with their national lines because there is a discussion that needs to be given to national level.”

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