Subway line A stops running from tomorrow

January 11, 2013

Starting from tomorrow, and until March 8, subway line A will stop working.

Centenarians Belgian wagons, were first on circulated at City of Buenos Aires, with its wooden formations and doors that open manually, this Saturday January 12 will travel for the last time from Plaza de Mayo to Primera Junta .

The metrodelegados (subway unionists) organized a ‘farewell tour’ and focus on the Plaza de Mayo station and go to First Meeting, a proposal that included invitations to neighborhood organizations, social, and student users.

The new formations are of Chinese origin, and the suspension of service is primarily due to the fact that they will have to adjust the brake safety system that currently works with the line.

The City Government reported that: ‘They are looking at compensation for traders working in subway stations A’.

They added that: ‘They plan to use the cars as libraries in the streets.’

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