Ricardo Alfonsin seeks to form a front with Stolbizer

January 11, 2013

Radical Congressman Ricardo Alfonsin said today that imagines an alliance with the referent of GEN, Margarita Stolbizer, and ruled out the accordance with Francisco De Narváez.

“We’re having conversations with Libres del Sur, with the GEN and with other parties. I imagine taking up space with Margarita Stolbizer”, Alfonsin said.

Former presidential candidate warned, “We should meet allied forces, because it is not just to win elections but to govern.”

“This is a horizontal match and the idea is to build an alternative that is able to gather a political conception of ordering, fundamentally social and mostly related to aspects related to quality of life,” he said.

Speaking to Radio del Plata, he was in favour of forming “a nucleus that as an alternative that can compete with the government and prevent the restoration of the 90 that can come from the ruling if they line up behind the candidacy of (Daniel) Scioli”.

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