Messi: “There is nothing like the collective awards”

January 11, 2013

Lionel Messi left more feelings about his latest triumph, the fourth consecutive gold ball, in an interview with France Football, which said that despite the enormous joy of this prize, there is nothing like the collective titles.

“There’s nothing like the collective titles. Winning an end, raising a cup and share it with the whole team is unparalleled,” the Argentine said.

He added, “When I close my eyes and think of my career, the first image in my mind is the night of our victory in Rome against Manchester. The headed goal and the collective joy at the final whistle.”

But he doesn’t miss the excitement of the fourth balloon of gold: “I hope to win more gold balloons, but now let me enjoy the fourth.”

And he confessed that some names were not mentioned when receiving the award. “I did not say everything I wanted. I wore nothing prepared, not written, but did not intend to forget anyone. Especially Tito Vilanova and Abidal. I could also congratulate Cristiano. But the excitement rises and I lose track.”

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