Globovision would be sanctioned for inciting hatred against Chavez

 January 9, 2013

Conatel, the National Telecommunications Commission reported, “It was opened an administrative sanctioning procedure against the private television station Globovision for ‘inciting hatred’ with a series of information made in relation to the situation facing the country before President Hugo Ch√°vez disease”.

Officials of the entity presented themselves, this Wednesday, at the headquarters of Globovision chain to deliver notification of the opening of the sanctioning procedure.

As the legal adviser to Globovision, Ricardo Antela explained: “the new procedure is due to the diffusion of four small news reporting about the articles of the Constitution, which according to Conatel, ‘incite hatred, the anxiety and the alteration of public order’. In this sense, the regulator banned the string return to retransmit these messages or other similar”.

Pedro Maldonado, general director of Conatel, explained that: “the sanctioning procedure for alleged violation is open to article 31 of the law on Social responsibility in Radio, Television and electronic media”.

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