George Clooney and the procedure in his testicles

 January 9, 2013

The Italian magazine Max interviewed actor George Clooney and spoke about homosexuality, politics, marriage, children and a ‘facelift’ in the testicles.

Clooney said: “it could never be political, I was with many women and much abused drugs”.

“I do not have surgery in the eye wrinkles but yes I spent lots of money to make me a ‘facelift’ in the testicles. I don’t like anything having wrinkles there down”.

And clarifies that: “it’s a technique new in Hollywood everybody does it, it is called ‘ball ironing’”.

The actor also talked about ‘their reluctance to marriage’: ‘Michelle Pfeiffer and Nicole Kidman bet $10,000 that I would marry before age 40. As it was not so, they sent me the money2.

“And I bet twice that wouldn’t have children before 1950s. When paternal instinct comes me, I’m going to Brat and Angelina home and I remember why I am so well alone.”

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