Scioli and Macri together inaugurated a plant for processing waste

January 3, 2013

Buenos Aires province Governor Daniel Scioli and Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri were together this morning at the opening of a plant to process waste in Jose Leon Suarez.

Last year, on January 5, they met in Mar del Plata, in a football match in aid, a day after President Cristina Kirchner to undergo a thyroid operation, sparking the fury of several officials against Scioli.

This time, Scioli and Macri led a management act after last December signed an act by which the city agreed to send, from March 1, 2013, less than 4280 tons of garbage daily to the province.

The new garbage processing plant has three acres and is in the grounds of the Ecological Coordination Metropolitan State Society (Ceamse) in José León Suárez, of San Martín.

About 140 employees work there and the operation will be in charge of the company Tecsan, business division dedicated to the treatment and disposal of waste of Benito Roggio.

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