Increase on tolls without notice to enter the City of Buenos Aires

January 3, 2013

Without warning but authorized by the Ministry of Planning, it was effective from today a new tariff adjustment for access to the City of Buenos Aires and the national toll routes.

Increases ranging from 11.1% to 42.8%, affecting users from North, West and Riccheri Highway and all vehicles using busiest domestic routes in the country.

The operator of the North and West entrances that controls the Spanish group Abertis, the portfolio of De Vido recognized the inflationary impact of the February-October period of 2012.

The new rates are:

Northern Access: the toll for cars on the branches to Pilar and Campana during peak hours (7 to 10 to Federal Capital and 17 to 20 to province) rose by 17.4%, from $ 11, 50 to $ 13.50. In normal business hours and weekends, the rate rose by 12.5% and was $ 8 to $ 9 per trip.

West Access: the toll for cars during peak hours at stations Ituzaingó and Luján and climbed 23.5% increase from $ 8.50 to $ 10.50. Regular hours and weekends, comes to 14.2%, from $ 7 to $ 8 per trip.

Access Riccheri-Ezeiza-Cañuelas: The toll in the peak period rose 42.8%, from $ 3.50 to $ 5. In the normal schedule, the increase is 16.6% and $ 3 goes to $ 3.50.
On domestic routes, the increases ranging from 11.1% to 21.7%.

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