Macri said he does not think the subway fare will be under six pesos

January 2, 2013

The day that the underground passed to city government, Mayor Mauricio Macri said he will seek “a more transparent management” with the “objective of securing the best service at the lowest cost.”

In this sense, he believes “the real technical rate will not be is below $ 6″ and that studies will be necessary to “find equilibrium rate.”

“By contract, we are required within the next 180 days to report what the actual technique subway fare will be. I think it will not be below the $ 6 pesos,” the mayor said.

He explained: “Since then we have to find the equilibrium rate, with a more transparent management and not an indiscriminate subsidy as the national government did, with total lack of investment over ten years.”

“It is a historic day for the city,” said the head of government in the official handover ceremony. “Our goal is to achieve the best service at the lowest cost. I ask patience to finish analysing and talk to the dealership,” he said on the ticket price.

Meanwhile, Macri first announcement was the decision to “draft a new contract” with Metrovías. “Today we sent a letter to the dealership to draft a new contract,” he said.

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