Gioja on his anthem: “I am ashamed, it’s a nonsense”

January 2, 2013

San Juan governor José Luis Gioja blasted the hymn that militants did in his name.

“I threw the song away, just do not want to offend anyone, but it’s no good. It is embarrassing,” provincial leader said.

He added in a radio interview, “I do not think that makes sense a hymn with my name, it’s the action of some colleagues who want to do good, but they do not make sense, is misplaced. This hymn divided, generates speculation, given controversy.”

“Years ago I’m governor and chairman of the party in my province and never let a Basic or bear my name,” he said.

“I’m not working for president, my job is to do things in San Juan,” he said. “I think that Peronism is a quarry to produce new leaders. The open inner play an important role,” he added.

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