Carlos Menem: “We are a bit stuck and stagnant in the life of the people is not very good”

January 2, 2013

Former President Carlos Menem said that President Cristina Kirchner “is doing an incredible effort to carry out her management,” but he warned, “Things are little bit out of control.”

National Senator for La Rioja province expressed confidence that the national government will resume soon “for the course so that we can continue to grow.”

“We’re a little stagnant and stagnation in the life of the people is not very good. I see unfortunately, beyond that I am supporting this government, and to support the current government is supporting Argentina and if it is a Peronist government much better, but I think Mrs. President is doing an incredible effort to carry out her management, but things are a little bit put of control,” he said.

Menem estimated that Buenos Aires Governor Daniel Scioli “may be the next president.”

The former president said that Scioli “entered the world of politics, because I impulse him, and has become an excellent politician, and the first governor, not a small province, but as a great province of Buenos Aires.”

“I think that it is ready and I venture to say that Scioli can become President of the Nation,” Menem said.

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