Brutal fight of two teenagers, one of them ended up in the hospital unconscious (video)

January 2, 2013

The incident occurred at the exit of a nightclub in the city of Gualeguay, province of Entre Rios.

The video that went up to the Facebook network shows a girl who walks straight to the door of the bar located on 25 de Mayo and Chacabuco St., in the heart of Gualeguay.

The images show how the aggressor runs, lies with the victim, making hair drags down the street and begins to give punches followed by kicks to the head; she ended up unconscious.

The video was taken by a fellow of the aggressor and shows how anyone involved in the brutal beating, which occurred in the early morning hours, and in the light of day, in the sight of all.

The victim had to be moved to an area hospital, where she arrived unconscious, with severe bruising on her body.

Pelea de chicas en Gualeguay – ENTRE RIOS por m24digital

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