The City Government takes control of the subway

Argentina, January 1, 2013

The Government of the City of Buenos Aires assumes, from today, the control of the subways.

The City Legislature enacted the law that gives effect to the transfer of the subway to the City Government.

City Government announced that “from January, the Line A will be closed to replace the currently wagons” and that “it will start running within 60 to 90 days for the management of Mauricio Macri after the negotiations with Metrovías company for the concession, which can be renewed or terminated. “

The law was passed last December 19 and states that the service charge, which rose from 1.10 Mauricio Macri aa 2.50 pesos when he signed the handing-over on Jan. 3, will be checked annually at the time of the discussion parity.

Macri said: “The closure of the A subway line is designed to improve the quality and safety of service due to the age of the cars”

And that: “to replace this service during the time that remains closed, the Buenos Aires government will set school buses to make the same journey, as they did during the 10-day strike of workers in the subway.”

The move was controversial and was described as’ crazy ‘by the Interior Minister’s Office, Florencio Randazzo, while the so-called’ metrodelegados’ ensured that ‘change of wagons can be done in less time. “

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