Scioli visited Mar del Plata in the first day of the season

Argentina, January 1, 2013

On the first day of the 2013 season, the governor of the province of Buenos Aires Daniel Scioli praised the work done by the authorities of the towns of the Atlantic Coast and asked employers not to “abuse” of tourists. Mar del Plata is at its full capacity.

“I encourage employers to implement the best prices for them and for the tourist. Here, from the various levels of government, we have done everything in our power to have a great season. And this is all complemented by the efforts of everyone” said Daniel Scioli while overseeing the operational controls at the entrance to Mar del Plata.

Moreover, he said “we did a great job, the city is more beautiful than ever, today I went out running and saw public space very carefully and very clean.”

He noted that the focus will be on “the problems of the night”, looking for “young people have a good time” without excesses of drugs or alcohol. “

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