Mendoza: The rescue team found the other American climber dead

Argentina, January 1, 2013

Today, David Reinhart, the American mountain climber who was being serached by rescuers was found dead in the area called “Second rock band”, at 6600 meters above the sea level. The incident was reported by a spokesman for the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Mendoza.•

 Reinhart was part of the expedition group also formed by brothers Greg and Erick Nourse, all Americans. They had settled about 6000 meters high and began the ascent on December 28 to reach the summit of Aconcagua, at 6,959 meters.

When they started to have problems, made a call to the U.S. to the father of one of the brothers Nourse, who alerted authorities Mendoza.

In the first search rescuers found the brothers Nourse in disrepair and provided them assistance, but Erick died close to 9 pm on the base II of the Polish Glacier route.

Meanwhile, Greg was moved to Plaza Argentina’s Aconcagua, where he received medical attention and could be stabilized and evacuated to the town of Puente del Inca without risking his life.

 Reinhart had been located by a helicopter and rescuers took several hours to reach him.

“Two guide from the rescue group reached the climber David Reinhart in the area called the second rock band, at 6,600 meters above sea level on the Polish Glacier route, and once there, they were able to confirm the death of David Reinhart,” authorities argued today.

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