Boudou visited the Argentine humanitarian mission in Haiti

Haiti, January 1, 2013

Amado Boudou gave a speech at the dinner held at the Argentine Military Hospital in Haiti. He greeted the doctors and members of the unit on behalf of President Cristina Kirchner. 

“It is very important the task they are performing, not only professionally, but also from the humanitarian side,” said Boudou in front of more than 150 people spread over about 30 tables.

“Your task is recognized by the citizens of Haiti, but also by all multilateral agencies,” the official said, noting that “it fills us with pride.”

Before the dinner for the end of the year, the vice president toured the hospital together with specialists from different areas and participated in an introductory talk where Argentina spread all details of the United Nations Mission for the Stabilization of Haiti, called MINUSTAH.

The Argentine contingent consists of little more than 700 men and women who are spread in the air unit, the military hospital and Gonaives infantry battalion, a little over 100 kilometers from Port au Prince.

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