Red wine may help prevent cancer and other diseases

December 6, 2012

According to new evidence to be presented Wednesday at Resveratrol 2012, an international conference to be held at the University of Leicester (UK): “A chemical compound found in red wine, resveratrol, may help prevent cancer “.

The researchers found that “a daily amount of resveratrol equivalent of two glasses of wine can halve the rate of bowel tumors.”

According to Professor Karen Brown: “These experts hope to take their discoveries from the lab to the next stage, conducting clinical trials to determine the optimal level of resveratrol in humans. Having demonstrated in experiments in our laboratory that can reduce tumor development, focus now in identifying mechanisms for how resveratrol acts in human cells. “

The professor noted that “many people take a resveratrol supplement, but currently it is not known yet how it works and the optimal dose. It was shown that high doses of resveratrol can potentially interfere with other medications.

“With all the new and interesting studies that are being done, especially clinical trials, I hope we have a clearer picture in the next few years,” he added.

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