Argentina and its place in the ranking of corruption

Buenos Aires, December 6, 2012

Among 176 countries, Argentina ranked 102, Chile and Uruguay are the least corrupt in Latin America and Venezuela is in the worst place.

According to the Index of Corruption Perception prepared by the NGO Transparency International: ‘Chile and Uruguay appear as the least corrupt countries in Latin America, while Venezuela is the most corrupt’.

The list of the 176 countries studied is headed by Denmark, Finland and New Zealand that get 90 points of a possible 100 points.

In the Americas, Canada tops the list, which is number nine with a score of 84 points, followed by Barbados in the 15th, and the United States in the 19th.

Among Latin Americans, Chile and Uruguay are the least corrupt and shared 20th place with a score of 72 points out of 100, which reflects the highest level of transparency.

Then at 48 ยบ is Costa Rica, with 54 points, followed in the 58th by Cuba and Brazil 69th.

Position 83 is shared by El Salvador, Jamaica, Panama and Peru, Colombia appears at position 94, Argentina in 102, Bolivia and Mexico at 105.

Guatemala is in the 113th, the Dominican Republic in the 118, Nicaragua 103, Honduras 133 Paraguay 150. Venezuela closes the list at No. 165, which it shares with Haiti, with a score of 19 points, just ahead of countries such as Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia and Iraq among the most corrupt in the world.

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