A fire caused a foul smell in the City and there were evacuations

Buenos Aires, December 6, 2012

A fire at a container in the Dock 4 of the port produced a strange smoke and foul smells in Buenos Aires downtown.

Consequently, Environment staff began working at the site to determine how dangerous the substance on fire was.

It was later determined that the substance was an insecticide used to treat seeds.

Javier Corcuera, head of the Environmental Protection Agency of the government of Buenos Aires City said, “The odor is not toxic”.

However, the authorities recommended closing windows, covering the face to keep from breathing the substance and try not to leave the homes.

Given the uncertainty of the beginning, the Condor building was evacuated and Castillo acces of Illia Highway was closed. The Mitre rail service was restricted and didn’t reach Retiro. The subway line C was suspended.

The subways and trains did not reach Retiro preventively. In Jorge Newbery airport there were delays on all flights.

The smell reached the neighborhoods of Recoleta, Almagro, Congreso, Balvanera, Constitución and Retiro.

For any emergency, the City Government established the line 107.

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