Incredible but true company invented the water does not wet (see video)

November 29, 2012


This product has all the properties owned by the water, especially that of fire suppression, but fortunately caused no associated damage as the water in electronic, paper or any other material.

It is known as “the water does not wet”, but really it is not water, its name is Novec 1230, also known as “dry water” and “Waterless Water” developed by 3M Company.

Agent is a liquid that looks like water, but it is cool to the touch, dries 50 times faster and not decomposes touching artifacts, including electric powered.

Its chemical name is fluoroketone, a gas stored in liquid form that functions as a fire extinguishing sprinkler; the fluid does not deplete the ozone layer (ODP 0) and has an atmospheric lifetime of 5 days.

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