Luis Miguel reveals the mystery of the disappearance of his mother

November 26, 2012

The story of the mother of Luis Miguel already gave many press reports.

The Daily Chronicle in the section “nonsense” published the amazing revelation of Luis Miguel to the bandoneon player Walter Rios, who shared the tour in Argentina and Chile with the singer.

The great artist said that “Luismi” will record a song of his, “I always looked for you,” song he wrote in dedication to his mother.

It moved him because as we know, Marcela Basteri, of Italian origin, Luis Miguel’s mother, was missing for decades and his son spent millions in searching for her.

So, as Rios told, Luis Miguel told him that he found her “in an asylum in Italy, but she cannot recognize him.”

Luis Miguel told this to Néstor Fabián, Jesus Hidalgo, Juan José Busso, Tino Roldán, the poet Horacio Ferrer, Francisco Torné and colleagues and officials who came especially from San Eduardo, his hometown, and Venado Tuerto, his childhood city.

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