Julieta Gomez remains hospitalized in serious conditions

Argentina, November 10, 2012

On Thursday, Julieta Gomez attempted suicide in the house of the parents of her partner, Rodrigo Santos. The latest statements argued that she remains hospitalized in serious conditions at the Hospital Austral but there was not given accurate information about her health status.

Today, the journalist Paulo Kablan spoke on “Bien Arribaā€¯ program, led by Carlos Monti on Radio 10, about the health of the model.

“The cause is labeled as suicide attempt. Yesterday The model entered the Austral Hospital with a gunshot wound near the mouth, caused by a 22 caliber revolver, which caused a serious injury and irreversible damage” he said.

He added: “It happened in a private neighborhood. At the time of the event the boyfriend and parents were present. Everyone has a consistent story.”

For now, police is analyzing one of the security cameras to confirm the story of the three witnesses.

“There is no doubt that the cause is a suicide attempt, just need to check the information” concluded the journalist.

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