De Vido: “If Macri has a plan of Government, then he must show it”

Argentina, November 4, 2012

Federal Planning Minister Julio De Vido said that if Mauricio Macri “says he is represented by the protest organized for November 8, it would be good to form a platform and a plan of government if he has one.”

In a statement, De Vido also said: “what a better opportunity, in an environment of peace, harmony and tolerance, as was seen on 13 September (when the first protest was held), for someone who wants to be president to their proposals” and considered that “a leader must step in to the demands of the people if wants to drive.”

“It is lawful to have a different view of country, as is also that we have another, which has the backing of 54% of Argentines who want to continue and deepen it” said De Vido.

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