The 29-year-old woman who died of grief

October 16, 2012


Lindsay Clift, 29, died of grief, after she could not be overcome to the death of her first child.

Lindsay and her husband, Darren, 41, were glad when they knew that were going to be parents for the first time, and when they heard that baby was a girl decided to call her Katy.

They prepared a house in Bilston, West Midlands for the arrival of Katy and nothing seemed to suggest that things would not work out.

The pregnancy was uncomplicated and she even didn’t suffer the usual nausea of gilts.

After the expected delivery date doctors decided to induce labor. The contractions came and went. We were told that the baby would come naturally.

Then the midwife discovered that the girl had died in the womb of her mother and that Lindsay was giving birth to her baby dead.

They felt the heartbeat and the pain was very intense at the news.

The contractions continued and Lindsay fainted. We were not sure what was wrong, but she did not regain consciousness. Her heart beat a little more, but she did not wake up ‘.

The exact cause of death is not yet known, hospital physician said.

Darren added, “We went to the hospital together hand in hand to become three and quickly Katy died and then Lindsay.”

“I cannot believe how this happened. The hospital was great, they did everything they could. They found no immediate cause of death, and reinforced my impression that she made the decision to go with Katy. Lindsay died of grief. “

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