Randazzo: “I hope the head of city government decides not close the subways”


26 de septiembre de 2012


The Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo, gave a press conference to answer questions about the progress of the works on the railways Sarmiento and Mitre. He also referred to the possible closure of the subway and a rate increase.

Statements from Randazzo:

“We had pledged to improve security, so as of last Saturday Gendarmerie is present both in the Mitre line as in Sarmiento”.

“We are carrying out the works. Know that August has been the second most Llovedor in 100 years, which obviously brought some delays, but we are working on three front” trains, tracks and stations. “

“We have been very clear, when he signed a memorandum of agreement was established the National Government’s commitment to the current year [about the subway]. Was 360 million pesos.”

“I hope that the decision of the Head of Government is not closing the subways.”

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