Cristina Kirchner increased the universal child allowance and announced it will be given to all


September 12, 2012


The president, Cristina Kirchner, announced an increase to the universal child allowance of almost 26% and expanded the scope of family allowances for people with incomes of between 5,200 and 7,000 pesos. She also announced the creation of four new universities.

We are living in an Argentina of amplitude much freedom. Freedom of worship, education, activity. Freedom, but for everyone. I wanted to congratulate the new bodies that will be recognized by the CONEAU.

We have had an increase of 22% of college students between 2001 and 2010, when the last census was made, while the population growth was 10%.

According to UNESCO, we have one of the highest college graduate levels in the region. A 54% increase since 2001.

We are going to increase the universal child allowance from 270 pesos to 340 pesos per assignment. A 25.9% increase. We will put on the market over 5,500 million pesos. The figure to cover those under 18 is of a total of 29,600 million pesos a year. This is almost 2 points of GDP, almost 1.8%.

We found, in this story of family allowances, that we had to make an adjustment because the segment between 5,200 pesos and 7,000 pesos of income received nothing. We have created a fourth rank for this income.

A family allowance is a protection to the family and our children. We must do much emphasis on low-income sectors in periods of global decline, to support the most vulnerable sectors. 

Also, we observed that each time there is an increase in family allowance per child, it begins a movement of prices on food, beverages, clothing and footwear, which are the four sectors of higher consumption. Let’s ask price makers, given that they have closed their collective bargaining agreements, that price already includes the new salary, that they don’t increase utilities for some time. Do not try to do what you always do.

While there is still a single poor person in Argentina, we will be absent of total equity. The important thing is to keep walking and working as the Argentines did for 200 years.

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