Captain, the dog who lives at his owner’s grave

Carlos Paz, September 12, 2012

Capitán is a dog protagonist of a story as incredible as poignant. His owner died in 2006 and since 2007, the dog lives next to his grave in the cemetery of Carlos Paz City, Cordoba province.

It all started when Miguel Moreno took a gift to his son Damian, and surprisingly a new friend arrived home and they called him Capitán (Captain). Veronica, the mother, was not very happy because it meant more work for her. A common family story at this point.

But Miguel died in 2006 and the dog’s behavior changed after notice his absence. He left the house and began to live a half block. Then he disappeared and Veronica thought he died or that another family had taken him.

“Until one day, me and my son went to the cemetery and we found him there. Damian started screaming that it was Captain and the barking dog approached us, as if crying,” says Veronica excitedly, as it was published in La Voz del Interior daily. But when they left the cemetery, Capitan stay there.

The strange thing is that the dog never had accompanied them to the cemetery, and the day that Michael died, he was taken from the hospital to a funeral home; Capitan was always in the house.

“The following Sunday we went back to visit the grave of Miguel and the dog was there. This time he comeback with us as we walk to the cemetery. He stayed with us for a while but then returned,” Veronica says.

A woman who sells flowers in the cemetery named Martha gives credit for this story. “He had a broken front leg. We called the vet, we gave inflammatory and leg splint. We love him very much.”

“We see that he loved his master, he is here since many years ago. He goes home, but returns,” Marta says.

Hector Baccega director of the municipal cemetery of Villa Carlos Paz, also confirmed this incredible story.

“The dog came here alone and circled around the cemetery until he found the grave of his owner. No one took him up there. And that’s not all: every day, at six o’clock, goes and lies down in front of the tomb” he says.

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