Cristina Kirchner: “We were used to presidents strong with the weak and weak with the powerful”


September 11, 2012


Argentine President Cristina Kirchner participated in an act for the delivery of new social buildings in Villa Palito, La Matanza.

The words he [Nestor Kirchner] uttered on January 4, 2004, when he came here by helicopter, seing nothing but a wasteland, a landfill … Nobody believed he would bring water. How would you believe a politician, a president.

It was no different to the rest of the country this Villa Palito. Argentina was an abandoned place, where no one believed in anything or anyone. Many had ceased to believe in themselves. No worse can happen to someone in your life.

Here we had to remove the concession to the enterprise that operated because water, and he said that we throw the pipes and then ask permission.

He was an irreverent, but always irreverent with the powerful, not the weak. We were used to strong presidents with the weak and weak with the powerful.

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