Due to rainfall, they declared an agricultural emergency in 17 disctrics of Buenos Aires


September 7, 2012


Due to heavy rainfall, 17 districts of the Province of Buenos Aires were declared in agricultural emergency. The most  complex is the case of Pehuajó, which is covered by 80% water. Losses are estimated at 4,800 million pesos.

Jose Pelayo, a producer, said that “these people live in the countryside and do not know what will happen. Entire production chain and financial-economic and resent cut”.

Meanwhile, from the Confederation of Rural Associations of Buenos Aires and La Pampa (Carbap) said that the situation also affects farmers. “Cows are calving into the water and the calves are dying,” said Alfredo Rodes.

Damages were calculated in about 4.8 billion pesos, and the producers are calling on the State to sign decrees to lower taxes temporarily.

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