A student who expressed “disgust” for an exhibition about Evita Peron would be sanctioned


September 3, 2012


The authorities of a school of┬áVilla General Belgrano, Province of Cordoba, analyze punish a student who wrote in a guest book for the traveling exhibition Eva Peron had felt “disgusted” by it. They say it was because he did not sign. The opinion has been deleted.

The student, 16, is in the fifth year of school IPEM 168 “Diego de Rojas”. According to his father, “he saw the exhibition and it had a guest book where several students would put their feeling, he stated that he was disgusted by the exhibition and immediately when they return to school, in class, he acknowledges having signed it and they tell him that was a lack of respect”.

Meanwhile, the school principal, Adriana Freytes, explained that, tomorrow, the school will try the case and denied that it is a penalty on student’s opinion.

Because the student “did not sign” his opinion, the school had to “give an explanation to the Casa del Bicentenario”. “He did not sign. And as it annoyed his peers, teachers erased what he wrote,” she explained.

“Everyone has a say, but not anonymously, nothing more,” she concluded.

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