The flooding already caused 1700 people to be evacuated

Argentina, August 18, 2012

After the flooding that resulted from the heavy rains that occurred in the province of Buenos Aires, more than 1700 people were evacuated from their homes.

The coordinator of the Provincial Council of Emergency of Buenos Aires Luciano Timerman said that the number of evacuees doubled: 1100 in La Matanza and 120 in Pilar.

“In most municipalities, the water has dropped and people have already returned to their homes. But in La Matanza the number (of evacuees) is greater because the entire flow of water flows into the River. A similar situation happens in Pilar after the Lujan river overflowing, which flows into that area” said the official to television.

Timerman said that the areas of La Matanza and Pilar are the last in which the situation would be normalized, since these are areas that receive a large volume of water from rivers Lujan and La Matanza.

Source: Todo Noticias

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