Tobias, the first baby in the world recorded in the registry office with two dads

Buenos Aires, July 31, 2012

Tobias, a baby a few weeks of life, has become the first child in the world with two dads legally recognized. This is the first son of gay marriage Alejandro Grinblat and Carlos Dermgerd, who had the baby through surrogacy in India.

Tobias was registered this morning at 10 am in the Office located on 753 Uruguay St., where the press was present as well as the Argentina Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (FALGBT), whose representatives welcomed this new law won.

“(Tobias) has all rights, there is no distinction or difference,” Alejandro said, one of the happy dads. He added: “This establishes equality before the law for all children, children of egalitarian marriages. Argentina began process of equality a long time ago.”

“The fact has no record in the world. It is the first entry of equal co-parenting in the world, which devotes full equality before the law for Tobias,” said the federation.

Tobias and his two parents had the support of judges Elena Liberatori and Fabiana Schafrick, as well as the Government of Buenos Aires City – through the Secretariat of Justice and the Bureau of Vital Statistics – and Argentina Foreign Ministry – through the Directorate General of Consular Affairs.

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