Cristina Kirchner: “[The press] does not care if people suffers, they want to cause political damage”


July 30, 2012


President Cristina Kirchner talked about the reports of certain media about the alleged recruitment of prisoners for the ruling party. She said it was false and criticized them.

“The Constitution states that prisons should be clean, healthy, and should not be considered punishment. They should avoid recidivism”, she said.

“Today, 70% of prisoners have a job, working inside the jail in carpentry. They are helped by the SMATA and UOCRA unions, the Church, and over 20 NGOs, amongst which is VatayĆ³n Militante. It seems that when NGOs have certain objectives, they can not do anything”.

“In infrastructure, we are the only country in the country without overcrowding, although we continue to build prisons in Mendoza”, she added.

“They [the press] do not give a damn (sic) about the people’s pain, they do not care if the people suffer. They care about attacking, they want to cause political damage. There is a clear orientation to cover up things that happen”, she ended.

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