Cristina: “Do not waste time on those who do not understand history”

July 26, 2012

President Cristina Kirchner led a ceremony in honor of Eva Peron to 60 years after her death, where she criticized to the union leadership, which no longer supports her government.

“Mario do not worry about spoilers, there will always be saboteurs of the national and popular democratic processes. However, they will not be able to sabotage the history that sooner or later it ends up doing justice ” said Cristina in reference to criticism of the former mayor and president of PJ, Mario Ishii to CGT leaders.

“I can understand they do not love us or despise us, but I cannot understand that one who come from below then join with those who attacked us always to undermine the unity of this movement,” said Cristina.

And she added, “They never will be able to sabotage the history because the history ends by Justice, but look at Eva Peron. That woman who was vilified and was able to beat that fools who attack her.”

Cristina said in this context that her government came to fulfill Eva Peron prophecy of returning to a different Argentina.”

One Response to Cristina: “Do not waste time on those who do not understand history”

  1. Idolising fascist dictators, friends of Mussolini, like the Perons, seems a strange way to ‘understand history’! They nationalised the British-built and operated Argentine railways, out of pure nationalist ideology. It was the most advanced and efficient railway system in S America, but look at it now, a death trap for passengers. It was was just another industry – built by others – for Argentine politicians to bleed dry.

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