Argentina women between the most beautiful in the world

July 23, 2012

Argentine women are among the most beautiful in the world, no question. But this was confirmed in a survey by the travel page “The Wow”.

The proposal was to choose the ten cities with the most beautiful women in the world; Buenos Aires was among the winners.

This is the ranking, with the reasons given by the website, on the choice of each city:

1. Kiev, Ukraine
Go to visit the city of Kiev is an event, it is certainly home to the world’s most beautiful women, you might think you’ve died and gone to heaven surrounded by angels, but they are real and to know them, are polite and always willing to talk about literature or philosophy. We recommend visiting the city in summer when the island of Hydropark becomes a hot spot for sunbathing next to these beauties Ukrainian.

2. Stockholm, Sweden
The streets of Stockholm are full of these beautiful women and friendliness that characterizes the Scandinavian is recognized worldwide, so that if you plan on cruising with your friends you might have a good chance.

3. New York, USA
The city of New York has some of the most diverse and beautiful women in the world. The nightclubs are full of them; you will see flappers, elegant and hipsters. The way of being of New Yorkers is what really makes them special.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina
I have to take a stand and declared that Buenos Aires has the most beautiful women of South America. Yes, more than Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia. There’s something about the atmosphere of Buenos Aires learned that makes everything about the place looks so romantic. Do yourself a favor and visit this extraordinary city and maybe ask the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen in your life to show you how to dance tango.

5. Varna, Bulgaria
The city of Varna in Bulgaria is beautiful in the Black Sea coast and in the summer is full of women sunbathing. Like the Russian and Ukrainian, Bulgarians are high light eyes and small waists.

The other cities on the list are: Moscow (Russia), Tel Aviv (Israel), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Seoul (South Korea) and Montreal (Canada).

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