According to a Kirchnerst Mayor, Cristina called Scioli an “incompetent”


July 6, 2012


According to an audio of the newspaper Clarín, the ultrakirchnerista mayor of Lanus, Dario Perez, said the President told him that she wants Daniel Scioli to leave the province.

This is an allusion to a meeting of the mayor took place on June 22. 4 days later, the president alluded to it as follows: “(The mayors) asked me if I could please make a contribution of 300 million pesos a year because they do not receive anything from the province.”

“No! Wait! Do we have to put 300 million to cover this useless? Nooo, we’re lost. Let go of the Province, which leave me alone, that the government and certainly saved me. Not manage, is a disaster. It is untenable that happens in the province, “said Cristina Perez said that day.

“Scioli is a shell. It’s a good guy, but it is a hybrid. Do not you can fight him because it is a vegetable. It emits no political opinion, “said the mayor, while.

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