Macri supported Moyano, ensuring that Cristina “is wrong”

Buenos Aires, June 22, 2012

Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri supported CGT general secretary Hugo Moyano, amid disputes he has with the Casa Rosada and criticized President Cristina Kirchner saying she “has to acknowledge that she has wrong.”

Macri felt that the strike called for next Wednesday along with the mobilization of Plaza de Mayo, “is a clarion call to the President” and added that “governments with pride lead us to nowhere.”

Macri made the remarks in the sample Agroactiva 2012, healt in Canada de Gomez, visiting the site with Miguel Del Sel, after meeting with the Union of Rural Workers and Stevedores (UATRE), Geronimo “Momo” Venegas.

“The President needs to hear this claim. It cannot be that the government always fights against those who think differently. That pride makes they now fight even with historical allies, such as the CGT or Scioli,” the mayor said.

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