Union strike blocks major oil refineries, fuel tomorrow starts missing

Argentina, June 20, 2012

The union of the Teamsters, on Wednesday, blocked the main oil refineries, and entrepreneurs began to warn about the lack of fuel from tomorrow in various parts of the country.

The Government sanctioned the union led by Hugo and Pablo Moyano for not complying with the compulsory conciliation issued by the Ministry of Labour.

Meanwhile, the Teamsters issued a statement: “Pablo will go from 12:30 to the Petrochemical Dock Sud, to corroborate the scope of the measures implemented defending the rights of workers and strict compliance.”

The guild is blocking: Dock Sud, access to refineries in La Matanza, La Plata, Campana and Junin, Buenos Aires, Lujan de Cuyo (Mendoza), San Lorenzo (Santa Fe); Refinor (Tucumán) and Monte Cristo (Córdoba).

The president of the Federation of Employers of Fuel, Rosario Sica said that “If the strike continues, tomorrow there will be difficulties, because the reserves are not enough for the next 36 hours.”

The strike will continue until Friday at 11:00 am hours when the Ministry of Labour convened a new meeting.

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